PBA-B Generation M

Full description
PBA-B Generation M determines alcohol content, original extract, CO2 content, density, and other important quality parameters of all types of beers including low-alcohol and non-alcoholic beer. Optionally, O2, turbidity, pH, and color can be determined.
No sample preparation is required. The sample is measured directly from the package. Equipping PBA-B Generation M with the alcohol measuring module Alcolyzer Beer ME Heavy Duty extends the system’s capabilities for operation directly in production areas.

Operation in the lab or directly in production areas
• Configure your system to fit your requirements
• Analyze your sample directly where it is bottled
• Receive your results at the push of a button

Complete the analysis of up to seven parameters in one measuring cycle
• Determines all parameters from only 120 mL to 150 mL of sample
• Optional measurement of O2, turbidity, pH, and color
• Measurement of beer, beer mixtures and cider, as well as low- and non-alcoholic beer

Only 4 minutes to receive highly precise results
• Excellent results in only 4 minutes – no sample preparation required
• Determines CO2 content, alcohol content, density, extract content, and original extract from the original package in a closed system – without loss of CO2 or alcohol

No sample preparation required
• Less time required for your analysis
• Consistent repeatability and reproducibility
• No operator influence

The simplest adjustment and calibration
• Adjustment and calibration with water and an alcohol/water solution
• One single adjustment is valid for all samples
• Adjustment for all parameters in one go via guided adjustment wizards

Modularity that meets your demands
• Modular design based on the “plug and play” principle
• Configure the system according to your needs
• Receive your result through one user interface
Product specification
Model PBA-B
Output parameters Alcohol [%v/v]
Original extract [°Plato]
Extract [%w/w]
Density [g/cm3]
CO2 [g/L]
Color [EBC or °ASBC] (optional)
pH value (optional)
Turbidity (optional)
O2 (optional)
and many other parameters
Repeatability s.d.  
Alcohol 0.01 %v/v
Original extract 0.03 °Plato
Extract 0.01 %w/w
Density 0.00001 g/cm3 (DMA 4500 M) /
0.000001 g/cm3 (DMA 5000 M)
CO2 0.01 g/L (0.005 Vol.)
O2 (optional) 5 ppb (valid for low oxygen ranges at room temperature)
Color (optional) 0.1 EBC
ph value (optional) 0.02
Turbidity (optional) 0.02 EBC
Additional information  
Sample volume per measurement 120 to 150 mL
Typical measuring time 3 to 4 minutes
Compressed air supply 6 ± 0.5 bar (87 ± 7 psi)
PBA-B M generation
Brochure PBA-B M generation RU

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