Full description
The automatic Cleveland Open-Cup (COC) measures and describes the properties of a sample in response to heat and a test flame under controlled conditions. The flash point measures the tendency to form a flammable mixture with air while the fire point indicates the tendency of sustained burning.
CLA 5 is suitable for flash and fire point applications of lubricants or bituminous material.

Benefits at a Glance
• Memory for 1000 tests, 20 operators, 100 sample names, 21 test methods
• Statistical analysis (Min, Max, Mean, Repeatability)
• Measures flash points of silicone samples without any problems
• Automatically lights up the test flame, relights it by an electric igniter and suppresses the gas source at the end of the test

Convenient Operation
• Test initiation by pre-installed standard test methods and ability to customize methods by 10 user-defined programs.
• Alert messages for out-of-spec results
Pt100 sample temperature probe calibration either by dynamic calibration against certified ASTM thermometer or by correction table with 21 calibration points.
• Calibration protocol printout
• 5.7” color graphics display shows real-time measurement
• Menu navigation by jog shuttle system with easy turn-and-push operation and color-coded LED indication for each operation mode
• Data handling via USB stick for import into MS Excel® or to LIMS

Customized User Flexibility
• PC-software FPPNet (optional) for convenient remote handling and test data storage
• Automatic skin removal kit (optional)
• Draft deflector (optional)
• Stainless steel sample temperature probe Pt100 (optional)
Product specification
Model CLA 5
Application range up to 400 °C (°C/°F selectable)
Ignition Gas
Heating According to methods, programmable and pre-heat mode
Detection of flash and fire point Ionization detector
Sample temperature Pt100 glass probe
Barometric pressure correction Automatic correction
Safety Overheat protection, automatic shut-off
Interfaces 3x USB, 1x RS232, LAN
Gas supply 50 mbar of propane or butane
Power supply 115 V/230 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz, 600 W
Dimensions 230 mm x 390 mm x 460 mm (W x D x H)
Weight 12 kg
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