FIA Anton Paar

Full description
The quantitative determination helps to characterize the quality of petroleum fractions as blending components for motor and aviation fuels and as feeds to catalytic reforming processes.
Typical applications for FIA are hydrocarbon mixtures with a boiling point below 315 °C (gasoline and jet fuel).

Benefits at a Glance
Wall mounting panel with mounting fixtures for up to 4 columns
4 independently operating pressure gauges with needle valves and pressure manifolds

Convenient Operation
Handheld UV lamp with 3x magnification
Portable vibrator to tighten the silica gel
Scale with adjustable magnetic set points (optional)

Customized User Flexibility
ASTM Standard Column Set (optional)
ASTM Precision Bore Column Set (optional)
Product specification
Model FIA
Test places 1 to 4
Pressure gauge psi/bar double-scale
Syringe volume 1 mL
Dimensions 850 mm x 195 mm x 1900 mm (W x D x H)
Weight approx. 50 kg
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