Tempering Bath Anton Paar

Full description
Hydrometers are used to check the density of liquid samples.
Pycnometers are applicable for density and relative density determinations on small samples which are liquid, semi-solid or solid.

Benefits at a Glance
1 bath = 2 test procedures
Suitable for samples of various states
4 hydrometer cylinders (Ø 65 mm x 420 mm)
4 pycnometer adapter rings (inside Ø 50.5 mm)

Convenient Operation
Digitally-indicating circulation thermostats with cooling coil, temperature probe and self-optimizing electronic heating control
Borosilicate jars with leakage protection vessels
Testing at room temperature or below is possible with an additional cooler (optional)

Customized User Flexibility
Hydrometer: for liquid samples (optional)
Graduated bicapillary pycnometer (optional)
Lipkin type: for liquid samples
Capillary-stoppered pycnometer (optional)
Gay-Lussac type: for non-volatile liquids
Hubbard type: for highly viscous liquids or solids
Product specification
Model Tempering Bath
Application range ambient to 150 °C
  (Below ambient: circulation cooler required)
Test places 1 to 4
Volume 20 liters
Safety Overheat and low-level protection,
leakage protection vessel
Power supply 115 V or 230 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz
Dimensions 325 mm x 325 mm x 625 mm (W x D x H)
Weight 23.5 kg
Tempering Bath Anton Paar
Tempering Bath Anton Paar

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